Just Drink Water to Cut Calories

Drinking water vs. a 20-oz. can of regular soda will save 240 calories.

What is the Challenge Goal?

The Just Drink Water Challenge is designed to improve employees' hydration and reduce their sugar and caffeine intake by just drinking water.

Why is it Important to Just Drink Water?

Because water is calorie-free and inexpensive, just drinking water can help employees' reduce their spending and waist line! It can also help them reduce high-calorie, caffeinated, or alcoholic beverages from their diet.

What Employer Support is Provided?

The challenge is simple to administer. It provides full employer support through an Employer Just Drink Water Portal, your personal challenge coach, and a comprehensive marketing program.

Why Just Drink Water?

Improve your health & stay hydrated

Maintain a healthy weight

Get nutrients to your cells

Reduce sugar, alcohol, & caffeine intake

Flush out toxins from your body

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Worksite challenges help build teamwork and morale

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